A Bisexual Girl Who Got More Than She Bargained For

She was a bisexual; either adult man or woman would satisfy her sexually. She would go out in bars, clubs and parties to find new lovers. Everyone knew her sex orientation. She was proud of it. She even made it known to public.

One night, she attended a friend’s party. She met Jane, a young pretty girl and became attracted to her. Jane was beautiful, charming, loving and caring. She just blew her mind. She spoke softly and acted different from others at the party.

Everyone ate and drunk until they could take no more. The party reached its climax when the DJ began to play the latest music hits. Revelers displayed all sorts of dancing styles. It was jumping and shouting; you would think that people had gone crazy.

Jane was a very unique girl. The things she did made everyone adore and fantasize about her in equal measure. She got up from her seat and went straight to the dance floor to show what she could do; she began to make sexy moves that made everyone scream.

The bisexual girl was busy staring at Jane; she was already salivating. She wanted to have sex with her, but she didn’t know how to get her from dance floor. Jane the super-dancer realized that somebody was staring at her. She went straight to the bisexual girl and grabbed her by her hand. They began to dance as they caressed each other in public. The bisexual girl whispered into her ear, telling her they should meet after the party.

When the party ended, Jane did as she was told. They drove off together to the nearest hotel where the bisexual girl had booked a room. She had equipped it with all the necessary tools such as dildos, vibrators, and lube.

‘’I would like to have sex with you’’, she said. Jane pretended to be surprised by her statement. She had dealt with many bisexuals before. She wanted to prove to her that she was not a novice, but an expert in bed.

She pushed her to bed and began to kiss her passionately. She caressed all her sensitive spots. Jane began to lick her pussy while gently touching her clit. The bisexual girl moaned uncontrollably. Juices began to pour from her vagina.

Jane reached for the dildo that had been placed on the stool. She first applied lubricating fluid in the vagina of her bisexual friend. The dildo was designed in such a manner that she could wear it around her waist.

She climbed on top of her and made rapid fucking movements as if she was a man. She pumped harder and faster until the bisexual girl started shouted, saying ‘’That’s enough sweetie’’. Jane could not stop. She was horny. Totally on fire. Nothing could stop her. She pounded her several times until she achieved multiple orgasms.

After she had finished, she put on her clothes and slept without saying a word. The bisexual girl got more than she had bargained for. It was a night she would live to remember.

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