What I love about weddings

I love weddings and I am sure that I would make an excellent wedding coordinator. During the last couple of years, I have helped some personal friends and girls from the best London escort agency to organise their weddings. It is funny but we all seem to have a different approach to getting married. Some of us like to have sex before we get married, others don’t. Personally I am a great believer in try before you buy, and I think that I would always have sex with a person before I make a long term relationship commitment to the. But not all of my girlfriend feel the same way, and some of the girls here at London escorts would like to keep at least a little bit back.

However, what I am truly passionate about is planning wedding. This year I have even had some time off from London escorts to plan weddings. If you like, it has been my first year as a professional wedding planner. A couple of my girlfriends recommended me to others, and I helped them to plan their weddings. In the end, I had so many weddings lined up during July that I had to take the entire month of from London escorts. That is when it struck me that I could do this for a living.

As I have been able to put together my own portfolio now, I have something to show for it. This Christmas, I am organising two weddings here in London. One of the weddings is for a girl from a rival London escorts service, and the other one is for a girl who used to work for the London escorts service that I work for now. Each wedding is an experience but I love all of the coordination, and coming up with new suggestions to make each wedding unique. It does not all have to be about the church and music.

One of the gents I have been dating for some time at London escorts, is a wedding photographer. He is really fantastic at it, and he has been working with me on all of my weddings. Recently I am getting business from him as well and I just know there is a place for me as a wedding planner here in London. Most of my clients have been very well off so it is far to say that they spend a lot of money on getting married. But I will do any type of wedding as I love everything about weddings.

Do I have a favorite thing? Yes, it would have to be to do the flowers. For the first wedding I did, I did all of the flowers myself. The wedding was for a Polish girl who used to work for London escorts. She had met this guy at our London escorts service and they ended up getting married. From there on it has snowballed. It is hard work, but if you love something, it does not really feel like work. It is a bit like that with me and my wedding planning. It does not really feel like work. I am pretty sure that wedding planning would be the perfect job for me. I love to keep in touch with my brides and I often end up organising other events for them as well. Actually I think that I have got a nice little business going.

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