Living a happy and comfortable life as a Woolwich escort


If we only choose the kind of life we have perhaps, all of us are now living happy and comfortable. We cannot accept the life we have so we better strive hard until our last breath. Many of us are born poor, and this means our life is more difficult than the others. Problems are typical, and they always strike us to remind that we still need more to try and show the best. There are times that we almost gave up because of too many problems we faced, we already develop depression and anxiety over. There are many times, that life becomes unfair that every struggle is lacking. When we almost do our best but still not enough for other people. Many people already committed suicide because of too many problems.


I know the feeling of being denied of happiness and comfortably by the world. My name is Kyla Daynes and born in Chicago. Many people had thought living here are wealthy and has a comfortable life which definitely no. Just like other people, people like me and many others have struggled so much to eat three meals a day if lucky. Some of us here are homeless and broke. Many of us here are born poor and contented begging or being a crew in a restaurant. I grow up poor, with no home and no nice things with me. We sleep in different areas, somewhere away from cops or they might arrest us. We are always hiding for all of our lives and make our living. Sometimes we begged for money, or maybe we help other people carrying their things in return of money. Well, we used to it, and that is normal to us. It is not easy living in the street, we often got sick because of changing weather or pollution, but we have no choice if we act like a sick people no one would help us and worsen our situation.


Until one day, because of one woman, my life changed. I offer help to her because she is a bit old and no one carries her full bag. She smiles at me and brought me to a restaurant for lunch and then in return she offers me to become a Woolwich escort from I never doubted it since I need a work that is stable and a high wage that could help our family. She had promised me to shoulder the expenses for the main time, but eventually, I had paid her. I have also helped our family, and at the same time we live happily and comfortably now I became a Woolwich escort. Everything I become is because of hard work and determination to change my life.

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