Born to love a Hungerford Escort.



Every day seems so perfect to me especially when I met the one for me. Someone who will love me for who I am and for what I can be. I never thought that someone could like me that much. Someone to make me feel that I am worth to love, and value me as a person. Someone who won’t get tired of loving me despite my imperfections in life. Someone to guide, and support me. Love gives us the reason to make our life more beautiful. It provides us with satisfaction in our life that won’t asks for more aside from the love of our life. Many times we want to give up, but love gives us a reason not to. Because of it, we are more than motivated to do more in our lives; we want to go beyond on what we have now. We always wish that the only person that believes in us won’t get disappointed. We want them to keep loving and care for us. Some relationships go far, and it’s not about being lucky. When you’re in a relationship, you should only know that your love is intended for one person. You don’t make any actions that can severely damage the relationship. Always be true and be real in the person. Don’t make anything that can hurt them, because when trust is broken it is hard to gain it back. When we are in love, it feels like our pain disappears, and we only feel happy within us. We feel pure happiness and seems like we are in heaven. Love brings magic and can change a person. Many times we encounter rejection, but as long as we have someone on our side is a dream come true.


I always tell myself, maybe I was born to love this woman, and I am just so lucky to have her. All my days that I am with her is an answered prayer. She gives me hope when I almost gave up on myself. She is the reason why I feel so alive right now, and strive hard for our future. I have a complete and happy family. And growing up, I was taught values in life. My parents always told me that we should find our purpose here on earth, to be able to find happiness. I never think that before, I thought that was only a rumor. I focus myself on my studies, and after graduation, I went to London to search for work. I became an accountant and met Kendra. She is a beautiful lady and kind. I want to see her every day, she gives positivity in my life. We met at an event and booked her at Hungerford escort. I never regret it since I found my purpose in life. And that is I am Born to love a Hungerford Escort from


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